1. All School and Group activities will be suspended till 31st March 15th April 2O2O as a precautionary measure against COVID-19.
  2. All children are expected to remain at home and practice social distancing. Except for emergencies, they should not leave their place of residence for picnics, loitering around, visiting other friends etc... Large gatherings are strictly prohibited. Visits to shopping malls, theatres, restaurants are also strictly prohibited. Any kind of social gathering defeats the entire purpose of social distancing.
  3. Please explain to your wards that they should not treat this as a vacation. They are encouraged to maintain the discipline of the school even while at home, e.g: get up on time, bathe, allot time for study, reading, learning and self-growth, eat meals regularly, do exercises at home, and go to sleep on time.
  4. Excessive use of screens (TV, tablet, mobile) should be strongly discouraged. All use should be restricted / monitored depending on the age of the child.
  5. Students are encouraged plan a daily schedule for themselves at home, and to maintain a daily personal diary to help them with time-management and self-introspection.
  6. Section-heads and teachers will be coordinating to give assignments and share ideas for activities to keep the children occupied during this time. Online classes for the older children are also being organized.
  7. Soaping of hands for at least 20 seconds is a most important practice that should be ensured multiple times a day.
  8. Children should strictly not be taken out of Pondicherry for a vacation or visiting other family members. Those who leave Pondicherry will be barred from attending school for a period of time after it re-opens for the safety of other children and teachers.
  9. Please encourage your ward to use this time meaningfully, so that they may return to school with new knowledge, skills and a renewed enthusiasm to learn and progress.
  10. Further information and updates will be shared as and when necessary.
  11. For any queries or assistance in this regard, please contact: Devdip (98947 02595) and Satya (96774 28459)

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