The academic programme of the Centre of Education consists of eighteen years of study through these levels: kindergarten, primary, lower secondary, higher secondary and the Higher Course. The Higher Course is a three-year undergraduate course in Arts and Sciences; it also offers a five-year course in Engineering Technology.

Subjects include English, French, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Applied Sciences, Computer Science, History, Geography, Indian languages, foreign languages, Music, Dance, Drawing, Painting and Handiwork.

Students come not only from the different states of India but also from abroad. English is the medium of instruction for English, History, and Geography. French is the medium for French, Mathematics, and Science. Various Indian and foreign languages are taught; most students study their mother tongue; and all study Sanskrit which is compulsory till the Higher Course.

Admitted in the Kindergarten at the age of three, the child moves through the following academic sections:

Name Level Ages Years
Jardin d'Enfant Kindergarten 3-6 3 years
Avenir Primary 6-9 3 years
Progrès Primary 9-12 3 years
En Avant vers la Perfection Secondary 12-18 6 years
Cours Supérieur College 18-21 3 years

There is no system of conventional examinations or tests at the Centre of Education. Close observation and continuous assessment of the student are the teacher's primary tools for evaluating progress. The Centre awards no degrees or diplomas. However, when a student successfully completes the Higher Course, a certificate to this effect is given to him, if he requests it.